Flash battle for Fantasy Premier League managers
What is dFantasy?
dFantasy is a point-based, head2head gamesplay added to Fantasy Premier League with the introduction of DCOIN as a reward for Users/Managers
How can I get started?
Really simple, in some clicks. Just Sign up and connect your English Premier League Fantasy Account to start the using dFantasy. Get DCOIN via daily tasks or by inviting your friends here.
Why dFantasy Different?
dFantasy makes it easy for you to join ``flash matches`` directly against another top FPL Manager globally. Besides, there are thousands of Leagues with attractive DCOIN rewards.

New Games for most
serious Fantasy PL Managers

If you’re a true Football fan, you must watch EPL. If you’re a true EPL fan, you must play Fantasy Premier League. And if you’re among top Fantasy PL Managers, you MUST join us here at dFantasy. We add the “Fi – Finance” and the extreme fun to the Fantasy PL games as you know it.

Flash match now!!!

Your opponents are waiting for you

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Easy way to Earn more DCOIN

You’re rewarded with dCoins upon signing up, linking your FPL accounts and other simple daily tasks like logging in, inviting friends, watching our sponsored videos etc…

9100 +
FPL Managers
7800 +
Flash matches
300 +
5000000 +
Total dCoin Prize Won

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