With a DGW35 newly confirmed, Spurs and Chelsea players instantly become the priority assets for DFantasy managers.


DFantasy managers around the world are concerned about the newly updated fixtures of DGW35 by the Premier League. A couple days ago, the derby London between Chelsea and Spurs, which was predicted to be scheduled in GW36, was officially scheduled in GW25. According to EPL official announcement, the match will be scheduled on Wednesday and count as a DGW35 match. In FPL and DFantasy, that means GW35 is officially a small DGW and Chelsea, Tottenham will be the doublers. Official announcement here.

According to the new fixtures, two London representatives will have 2 DGW from GW35 to GW37:


  • Chelsea: AVL (A); TOT (H)
  • Tottenham: ARS (H); CHE (A)


  • Chelsea: WHU (H)
  • Tottenham: LIV (A)


  • Chelsea: NFO (A); BHA (H)
  • Tottenham: BUR (H); MCI (H)



Chelsea is not an easy team to focus on as Cole Palmer is the only great asset from The Blues so far this season. Palmer is the fifth highest scoring midfielder in the game at the moment despite playing at least 1 match less than midfielders from any other team. He scored 16 goals (second highest in the league) and also provided 10 assists while causing only 6.1 million. The English midfielder is also on penalty for Chelsea so he is easily a no-brainer pick. 

Palmer is by far the best FPL asset due to his low-price.

Petrovic and Gusto can also be great picks as they have 2 DGW to go. If you are thinking about a budget-friendly asset that provides potential attacking returns, Gusto might be a bargain. On the other hand, Petrovic is nailed-on Chelsea’s system, and a goalkeeper is also more flexible for your long-term strategy as they are pretty easy to rotate when things don’t go well. Some managers shout out Jackson as their differential, but his mid-tier conversion rate isn’t worth a 10-yellow suspension risk that he’s 1 yellow away from.


Son is the best Spurs asset after BGW34 due to his advanced position on the pitch. The Korean superstar scored an average of 6.6 points per start this season and is the second highest scoring midfielder in the game right now. The fact that Son will take Spurs’ penalties really made him a huge contender for an armband in both GW35 and 37.

Son is the 2nd highest scoring FPL midfielder this season.

According to this situation, Maddison will be more nailed-on compared to Richarlison. His impressive creativity didn’t pay off the last couple weeks as Tottenham’s strikers weren’t in the highest form but the potential is still there.

The third choice is between Richarlison, Johnson, Porro and Udogie. The first 2 is reasonable but clearly not our priority due to the minute-risk and the number of available midfielders. The decision will all come to Porro or Udogie: The Spainist right-back created more threat but also required more money from your limited bank. Money is a noticeable factor at the moment, so it depends on your financial situation of your team.


Let’s make it clear: a DGW player will always be better than a single-GW player. But FPL is not the kind of game that allows you to only plan short-term. Making a move, a transfer in FPL is not just about bringing in more DGW players, it’s also an analysis about team structure, budget management, fixture analysis for a long-run strategy.

The DGW35 can be a potential trap due to the bad fixtures.

To be honest, Tottenham and Chelsea are not in the good spot currently. Their attackers are doing a great job (for Chelsea, it’s just Palmer doing well) but the poor defense performances back-to-back, even against the weakest teams in the league, cause them absolutely no CS point in their last 4 fixtures (for Chelsea, the number of conceded matches reaches 10 so far).

Minute-risk is also one of our concerns: a DGW means 2 matches in a week and higher chance of injuries or rotations for low-physicality players like Maddison.

Last but not least, DGW35 isn’t the easiest GW for both of them. Chelsea definitely an underdog against both Villa and Spurs while Tottenham isn’t too happy to play 2 tough derbies a week. That’s not to mention, Chelsea is going to face Arsenal away 1 GW earlier and Tottenham will blank in that GW!
Our recommendation: Palmer and Son will still be the must-have but be careful with other assets. They are slightly better than non-DGW assets but not worth breaking your team structure or taking too many hits.