DFantasy top 3 series for GW33 continues with a thread to find out what decent FWD options that you might miss in GW33.

CALVERT-LEWIN – FWD for DGW34’s set-up

Calvert-Lewin is a DGW34 asset that’s fighting for the slot to survive for the EPL next season. After a long period of time underperforming his xG so badly, Calvert-Lewin scored in 2 matches in a row now and likely to continue the streak against the poor defense of Chelsea this weekend (they conceded twice against Sheffield and also twice against 10-man-Burnley).

5.8 million for Calvert also free-up a decent amount of money for premium MID or Arsenal’s DEF.

WOOD – Outstanding low-price FWD

Cris Wood is not a DGW asset so he shouldn’t be your priority. But if you have him now and already took advantage of his phenomenal form in the last couple weeks, congrats, you’ll still have a great player for your GW33 starting XI.

Wolves’ defense is a great fixture to bully for a striker that scored consistently in his last 4 matches.

NUNEZ – 2nd best Liverpool asset?

Last but not least, Darwin Nunez against Crystal Palace is also a decent pick. Palace has shown how bad their defense was during the match against City, buying the Liverpool’s no.1 FWD now it a bit late but will still be a stone to kill 2 birds as he’s the set-up for Liverpool outstanding DGW fixtures.

Rotation risk versus Jota is the only concern about Nunez but overall, I think he is still the priority.


Fluency and potentialNailed-on90%100%95%
● DGW34● Sheffield left● Arsenal, Liverpool & Chelsea left● City & Chelsea left● Sheffield & Burnley left● DGW34● Spurs, Villa left
Form & abilityForm85%90%70%