MID is the highest scoring & most valuable position in the game. Most DFantasy managers have their own favorable MID structure with 3-4 core MID like Salah, Palmer, etc. The other 1 or 2 slots are the season deciders for the last run of the season. Let’s find out who are the best assets for your Differential MID at this point.

BRUNO F. – Differential MID

Bruno Fernandes is not looking most of the time this season compared to his semi-premium price. On the other hand, at this point, United is having a phenomenal fixture ahead with both Sheffield, Burnley to go 2 in a row and also a DGW37 newly confirmed by the EPL. The only concern in their fixture is Arsenal, but the match is just a part of DGW37, so let’s say it’s an add-on source of points for the fixture in GW37.

The fixtures absolutely fit Bruno as the Portuguese MID is the type of player that loves to bully those mid-table opponents. Moreover, Bruno scored 3 goals and provided 2 assists in his last 6 fixtures – stunning form!

LUIZ DIAZ – Underrated Liverpool asset

3 Arsenal and 3 Liverpool players is the set-up to make coming into the DGW34. Arsenal should be easy with double DEF and Saka or Saka – Havertz/Odegaard and a DEF. Liverpool is quite controversial.

Diaz is an underrated pick as he scored 3 FPL returns back-to-back-to-back in his last 3 fixtures. Also, with the promising situation of Jota, Darwin’s minutes will be put under a huge risk. Diaz with low minute-risk should be a safer choice.

B. SAKA – Obvious MID for GW33&34

Saka is not even a Differential. In fact, he’s a must-have for DFantasy admin. But the fact that plenty of FPL managers have sold him just because of a small yellow triangle last GW made him to this list.

14 goals and 10 assists are the insane results provided by the former no.1 FPL MID this season. His attacking threat, penalty potential and consistency made him a serious DGW captain contender beside Salah in DGW34.


Fluency and potentialNailed-on100%100%100%
● DGW37● Sheffield, Burnley left● Arsenal & Newcastle left● DGW34● Spurs, Villa left● DGW34● Spurs, Chelsea, Utd left
Form & abilityForm85%90%70%